Thursday, January 23, 2014

Detour to Gainesville

Adam arrives safe in Culebra, PR, while Tallulah and I head north for hot showers, library access, thrift store anthropology, and getting caught up with family and friends. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I find myself walking along the side of the highway--an unbusy stretch, exits to Mayag├╝ez, San Juan, and the Plaza del Caribe mall. That’s where I’m going, as the cars pass, none of them slowing, as they have in some other places I’ve lived, to offer me a ride.
     Still, it’s not so much culture shock as unexpected enthusiasm. The “first world” is new again. After a couple of years away it suddenly all looks good again--the smart phones, the cars, TJ Maxx.
     Here, along the highway verge, are odd castoffs from that world. Plastic bags with chicken bones, broken beer bottles, an occasional high-heeled sandal. A couple of those paper lanterns that achieve liftoff thanks to a candle, crashed down among leggy cotton plants, their soft spilling tufts sticking out of birds’ nests.