Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today we visited a building in Tucson where U of A scientists are orchestrating the latest space hoax--a spaceship on Mars, suuuuuure. We thought it would be educational for Tallulah to see how these kind of games are played with the American public. It was also the last day the place was open to the public before they shipped their demo model off to the Smithsonian. During an animated video (why couldn’t they show us the real video????) we caught glimpses of several tells.

Notice the green rope clearly visible in our un-doctored photo. Case closed.

Here’s the take home: if we can pretend to put a man on the moon and a robot on Mars, surely we can build a real car that gets 300mpg.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Clowns freak me out.

One adult free. See the zoo on the midway. A line undulating out of the darkness, toward those bright lights that say—over here—no, over here—camel rides and elephants, popcorn, feed the goats, dare to let that albino python writhe across your shoulders. Women spinning among a hundred hula hoops; muscled, spangled men upside down--where did they come from, why are they here, above the cheering crowd and the dust of the battered big top? One by one they slip down the velvet rope, push aside the rough silver cloth that hides the exit—on to Gilbert, Yuma, Bakersfield.
By now it's a familiar drill--selling stuff, packing up. So the country's on the verge of a recession. Time to head for the border. Batten down the hatches. Look out, Sea Wolf.