Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cuba--Havana to Guantánamo and back

The door of the bank. Enormous doors everywhere.
Out the window of the casa particular.
Many of my pictures turned out bad or weird or from an odd angle because I kept taking them without looking to see what I was photographing. Things seemed to stay clearer in my mind that way. Photographing from up high seemed less invasive, too. 
In the Museo de la Revolución.
The "Hall of Mirrors" in the Museo, which used to be the "president's palace."
The museum of Guantánamo province. 
They really do have a bunch of those old American cars, just like you see in pictures.  They are apparently referred to as "almendrones," or big almonds.
Train cars made in Iran.
Giant machete statue in Santiago.
Back in Havana.
A house in Vedado. My friend and fellow researcher Don talked about how some of the people who lived in these grand houses thought the revolution would be just a flash in the pan. They left with a suitcase and never came back. Their houses are still full of china and furniture, right where they left them. Poor people were settled in them by the revolutionary government, and they lived, and still live, alongside those things. 
On the Malecón, in a 1953 convertible.