Monday, May 18, 2009

Adam is at sea--he's reached the trades, he says--the wind was blowing at last when we talked, him out there in the ocean and me lying on the futon in my sister's guest room in Greenville, SC. He's on his way toward Tahiti. Lulu cries for dad--she can say it with a "d" on the end now. My sister and I will take her to the zoo tomorrow. This is a strange life.

Thanks, Judy, for the photo of us together

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The scent of honeysuckle, urban sprawl
water running out of the tap and leftovers on the stove
here in north Georgia

The baby's still sleeping, it's past ten o'clock
Book group's tonight, get out the cookbook
tinted meats, a jellyroll jamboree

And a woman trapped within a circular desk
on the phone beneath a portrait of Betty Crocker
she's smiling self-consciously, still hungry
I spent Mother's day weekend in New York with my friends Brynn and Kathleen. The elevator door opens on the 6th floor again. Now, instead of me, a college student, sleeping on the couch as the morning light filters in over the rooftops, our kids are jumping on it. Time seems mundane and unfathomable. This is a Brooklyn-bound 2 train. Next stop Borough Hall. The stop after that is anybody's guess.

Friday, May 15, 2009

For grandparent types only.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

This week Lulu and I have traveled to Portland, Oregon. We dress in our native costumes. They seem strange to the local people, as their ways do to us.

Meanwhile Adam is preparing to up-anchor, sail west. We left each other in the Vallarta airport, planning to meet again in Manihi, which might be a town or maybe an island in the Tuamotus. I need to look that up. I'm trying to sort through everything that's been, prepare for what's to come, all the while drawn into the immediacy of a baby's now. So, to flesh out the picture of life in the Blazing Sarong, I've asked my dad, Dick Adams, to do a little guest blogging. Here's his first foray.

Lulu has fixated on the "gallos" across the alley in Portland. For a while all the animals there were gallos, but now "bunnies" have been added to her vocabulary. Lindsay McBride is her urban farm host, and Lulu insists on visiting the farm several times a day. Up in the morning - "gallos!" Mid-morning - "gallos!" Two or more additional times a day -"Gallos!!!"