Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tender to Seawolf

So I stole a shopping cart from Albertson's. It was because we needed a whole lot of water. And then I bought a bunch of other stuff. It was raining, and I pushed the shopping cart a mile past fancy condos toward the marina, hoping that not too many people would come the other way. A few did. Then I recommissioned the shopping cart for use in the dish shower ritual, in which I take a shower with the dishes. To wash them. (Often, the maintenance person at the marina will try to clean the bathrooms at this time. Maybe they notice the unusual torrents of water.) On my way, another marina resident skeptically demanded, "Can I help you?" I feel sort of close to homeless people. A homeless woman even asked me if I was homeless. I am giving off a homeless vibe. It's interesting.

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