Thursday, January 18, 2007

On cruising

As far as I can tell, going "cruising" is not about living an idyllic lifestyle. I thought to myself, trying to wash the dishes last night in, or I should say around, our tiny sink equipped only with a hand pump. Is it really true that I find washing dishes on the boat more stressful than actually going to sea? Boats are made for sailing, after all. It would almost be more natural to throw our china overboard after every meal. No, living and traveling on a sailboat is not about living an idyllic life, free of the responsibilities of work. In fact, sometimes work starts to look very appealing. There is structure there, and in structure, there may be meaning. The point of this existence is that you cannot avoid yourself. Every single day is an unexpected adventure that may challenge what you believed to be true, and how you relate to the world. It may reveal you in the worst possible light. If you can't stand it, you step back, defeated, with nothing left but lost illusions. Begin again.


chloe said...

Yes! on facing who you thought you were, and watching your illusions smash against the shore.
I love your blog... you two are so lucky. I bet you don't believe me--- (but you should).

And I dreamt of you last night. What's up?

I saw a documentary on deep sea exploration, hot vents, and they saw some angelic looking creatures down there. Who've you seen?

LOVE you angelic creatures**, c

doctart said...

If you have the right job every moment is beyond adventure, certainly not the Nintendo Wiii type. Even in the face of death there are psychological subtleties which help change or modify future and past memories and reality.
The warrior of Castaneda in a pin stripe suit or jeans,always responsible for the moment, for your own choices about your own menu of the moment,and outside yourself for your interactions with others and the environment.
I call it surfing, not unlike sailing. The waves may come in sets or not. And what is below with teeth or along side with invisible growling or blowing out of a hole in the sky is all just to be enjoyed and surfed on simultaneously.


lone talk said...


Donna sent me your Blog, and I love your stories and POV, not to mention the writing style. The musings about throwing the china overboard, and the disheveled cruiser are spot on. I keep saying that a boat is a machine, and the crew is just part of the equipment. A boat that works well is far more pleasing than one that looks like Ladies' Home Journal. I'm chomping at the bits to get underway, again. One of our possibilities is to do something like what you are. We are living in NOLA now, so the paralels multiply.

All the best,

John Howard