Monday, February 19, 2007

Jessica's dog bite, partially healed

Fortunately or unfortunately, you don't get the full impact of the gore here. I guess it was too gross to take a picture of at first--neither of us could face it. Now I just have a dog-shaped scar and a fang mark on my leg. I'll always remember Ensenada.


chloe said...

dan just sent me the note he wrote to you regarding rabies vaccine.. i highly recommend it, they're very cheap (~$5/shot), no side effects and they aren't painful like the old ones... i'm probably a little late on this advice. hospitals have them.

chloe said...

the only dog that i played with in india turned out to be infected with rabies. he was a puppy, and he died a horrible death b/c the local buddhist population refused to kill him and the other rabid dogs in the area. several children died. it was a terrible and strange twist of suffering without necessity.
even though i probably didn't contract the rabies, it was no trouble at all to take the vaccine. (it's probably too late for you by now jessica, adam if she starts twitching, you know what to do....) if you do survive this one, just make sure not to play with the dogs down there-- not even the puppies. i sound so morbid.

in jamaica we carried rocks and had to throw or threaten to throw them at the dogs because they'd follow us and were menacing.