Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Guadalajara, week three

Friday, August 31-Tuesday, September 4
Are you ready for this?

Labor sux.

I keep reminding myself that at least I'm not having a leg amputated without anesthetic on a Civil War battlefield.

After three days, baby is born. She doesn't look like either one of us...this leads to some recriminations on both sides, but our relationship will survive.

Nuestro equipo a las tres de la mañana--pediatrician Dr. Franky, OB José Luis, and midwife Joni. These people are completely amazing, and I do not say that lightly. We consider it an honor to know them. And you can too: http://www.joninichols.com/

Gender stereotypes, Mexican style!

Tallulah's birth certificate doesn't have her name on it, but I get a new name--Jessica Adams Byrd--since in Mexico, as we were told, "the women count." I dig it.

Celebrating with some warm Widow, our first alcohol in months.

Wednesday, September 5
Everyone sleeps off their hangovers.

Thursday, September 6
My mom arrives.
She immediately stakes out the name "Abuelita" and starts her own line of chocolates.

She spends an entire afternoon on Skype trying to extend her stay for a couple of days.

She soaks up some local culture. Sitting upstairs on our bed, we hear a conversation in two languages--my mom talking to the woman who cleans the rooms. I know that this lady doesn't speak any English, and that my mom doesn't speak any Spanish. When Adam goes out to try to help, mom says cheerfully, "We're communicatin'!"
The church around the corner has a sign that says "Confesiones" with an arrow and green flashing lights. Time to confess!

Monday, September 10
Look. Organic food! After baby's first visit to the pediatrician Adam and I enjoy a well-deserved lunch. We have successfully: hailed a cab with seatbelts, strapped baby into the cab in her carseat, and managed not to suffocate her on the ride over. I have breast-fed in public and walked a couple of blocks without collapsing.

Tuesday, September 11
At the Registro Civil, Tallulah becomes a Mexican national.
Our witnesses--the security guard and a random man.

"nine hiccups and a sneeze"/gratuitous baby blogging

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