Saturday, May 10, 2008

Careening Sea Wolf in the Barra lagoon

The voyage of the Sea Wolf with crew Baby Tallulah and Ruby the Cat is coming to an end. We trip over blocks and miniature maracas and accidentally lock knees while the cat makes a bed on our only towel and start to think, maybe it is time to try something new. Sailing offshore, Baby Tallulah squirms and cries while her exhausted mother throws up. We imagine life in, say, a boat large enough for another, adult-sized crew member. Maybe a boat that only makes short passages between Caribbean islands, something like that (I think, memories of massive discomfort still disturbingly fresh). We are preparing Sea Wolf for sale to another lucky person or persons as we ready ourselves to leave Mexico for parts as-yet undetermined. But, though the voyage of Sea Wolf, at least with us aboard, may be ending, The Path of the Blazing Sarong lives on.

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Mike and Kirstin said...

Hey guys,

best of luck in your future adventures. I am sure many of us have felt, and will continue to feel, the same as you did. Sailing sure isn't an easy life, contrary to the romance associated with it.

We are in Canada in the Rockies and struggling to come to grip with the crazy world. We feel so helpless to make a difference. Anyway. it is nice to be in the mountains again and it snowed two feet as we arrived. Cold, very cold.
The boat is wrapped up and no doubt very warm down in Guaymas. We are saving our pennies and will return in January to ready her for the Pacific.

Hope you can keep in touch with us and best of luck.

Big cuddles to your princess and hugs to you both.
Love Mike and Kirstin