Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What does Tallulah think?

A late connection out of Tucson and we missed our flight from LA to Guadalajara. At the Mexicana desk, we stood before a harried woman in blue eyeshadow, our last resort. Ay! She muttered, rushing away. The baby as prop. Patient gringo. She found us an Aeromexico red-eye that night. Milagro. We rented a car in the urban dawn and got lost only once, driving briskly, sleep-deprived, into the part of the city that they call something like El Bosque. We’ve misplaced the map again. Thank you, Joni, for hosting us--Guadalajara feels like home.

The ETN Lounge at the Guadalajara bus station, an older lady comes in dressed like she remembers the old days of travel. Some crazy rhinestone glasses and pointy black heels and matching jean outfit. Her zipper's down.

We’re discovering the Barra lagoon has a force of gravity all its own. Twice now we never thought we’d be back. The chicken man says, Welcome! It’s good to see you again! Me da gusto.

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