Sunday, May 3, 2009

This week Lulu and I have traveled to Portland, Oregon. We dress in our native costumes. They seem strange to the local people, as their ways do to us.

Meanwhile Adam is preparing to up-anchor, sail west. We left each other in the Vallarta airport, planning to meet again in Manihi, which might be a town or maybe an island in the Tuamotus. I need to look that up. I'm trying to sort through everything that's been, prepare for what's to come, all the while drawn into the immediacy of a baby's now. So, to flesh out the picture of life in the Blazing Sarong, I've asked my dad, Dick Adams, to do a little guest blogging. Here's his first foray.

Lulu has fixated on the "gallos" across the alley in Portland. For a while all the animals there were gallos, but now "bunnies" have been added to her vocabulary. Lindsay McBride is her urban farm host, and Lulu insists on visiting the farm several times a day. Up in the morning - "gallos!" Mid-morning - "gallos!" Two or more additional times a day -"Gallos!!!"

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Ari said...

That's really cool you guys are going on to the South Pacific. We are expecting a baby girl in July - we draw a lot of inspiration from your adventures!


- Ari & Sarah and little prenatal Tree Frog