Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthday weekend

Turning 40 can be kind of scary, so I needed a Chihuahua on hand. And a 7-Up. (Thanks, Raquel!)
The other day Tallulah said, “Daddy, I’ll always be your baby. But you know why people need to grow up? It’s because they need to see better.” Yeah. It's cool how all those things that were just above your head—like what’s on the stove, and what really matters—suddenly get a lot clearer.

Daphne and Raquel at Flamenco Beach.

Top secret information.
Party at Lori and Fred's!
Talking about Malta, Thibodeaux, and titty twisters.

I think of this as trashy lush but I don't want anyone to take that the wrong way.

Tallulah's present was a couplet: "It's good when you hear/A please in your ear!"
The best cake decoration ever: palm trees with little coconuts on them.
Author photo for my next book. Still working on the book part.

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