Thursday, December 30, 2010

how we roast

 Not sure how this got started but we buy green coffee beans and roast them ourselves, really good coffee is quite a bit cheaper as green bean, oh yeah, we tried buying coffee here in Culebra (I'm tempted to expand on this theme but perhaps that's not a good idea) and it was all really bad. This became our DIY solution.
 these photos were taken about 4 minutes apart: start off on high flame and start to reduce heat as smoke begins, ending on low flame, stirring the whole time. Expect smoke, flying husks and snapping/ crackling over the 20 or so minutes of roasting.

call it quits when they look dark enough for your taste (lighter brings out citrus, darker brings out chocolate, too light tastes sour, too dark tastes burnt)
this move helps cool things down and gets rid of the papery husks
the flavor of freshly roasted beans seems to improve for a few days then levels off, a bur grinder (as opposed to those blade choppers) grinds more evenly and makes it easier to duplicate a good pot of coffee. Enjoy!


eek said...

Good one, guys -- you've got a grip on what's important in life! Of course, you make your coffee in a stovetop espresso maker, right?

Love your blog.

- - - -

CLANK said...

we have an insulated steel press-pot, stovetop espresso maker, AND a "Presso." yep, coffee is pretty important around here. thanks for the positive feedback!