Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break Sail to Culebra

Getting ready for Adam's cousin Kate's wedding. My photo choices have become increasingly random--I have no photos of the actual wedding.
Another case in point: gratuitous cat in a box
Tallulah and Olivia--I bought them ice cream after school and they approached it like a new art form, then had races across the deck of the library. It was good to be back--felt sorta like home would feel. I have to guess at that feeling, but there's nothing wrong with that. Then we had to go. No llores, Olivia sang out the window of the car as they drove away. And we went back to Callisto.
Rough weather so we broke up the trip back with a stop in Culebrita, where we hiked to the lighthouse.
Callisto swaying in the swell out there.
And I'm looking across at St. Thomas, on the other side of those whitecaps, fading out in a light mist. Is that home?
Inside the falling-apart, structurally unsound lighthouse itself.

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