Thursday, June 29, 2017

Great Inagua

Less than a hundred miles from Haiti, some hundred from Guantánamo Bay, this huge island is mostly nature, home to flamingos and horseflies, not sure what else--it feels peacefully inhuman, despite the Coast Guard plane that lands as we're approaching, the cutter that briefly stops offshore, maybe patrolling that passage between two islands the US has long messed with. Giant mounds of salt in Man of War Bay await a crane, to be loaded for Morton--sure, I've probably bought this stuff before in antiseptic packaging, never even imagining where it might have come from. Now I know. Salt pans out in the Far Bahamas, an island with long, long empty beaches that may never have seen a single footprint except, I'm guessing, that of casual birds, and wooden fishing sloops tied up in the government basin. 

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