Friday, December 14, 2007

Thoughts on fruit

We found a double banana in a bunch that Adam bought at our local abarrotes. Apparently they’re not uncommon. But then Armando showed Adam a triple banana. “Have you ever seen one of these?”
Adam also returned home recently with a limón chichona, which means “nipple lime.” They’re unusual. You have to sort of know someone. It was green and round and very pale orange inside. It had an herbal scent, maybe a little musky, vividly citrus. Exactly like Earl Grey tea, come to think of it. I suddenly realized that this fruit was also known as bergamot. I’d never had the urge to see a bergamot, but holding it I was captivated. I wonder what other unsuspected experiences will emerge from this unforeseen life, this crossroads.

Adam met a man who dries organic fruit in solar dryers. He also collects worm pee from three different kinds of worms that he keeps in separate plastic vats and sells as fertilizer. In other containers around his yard various studies are being conducted using various worms at various stages. There was a campfire with a big vat on top of it full of brownish yellow liquid. He dipped his finger in it and told Adam that it was organic pesticide, a combination of minerals including sulfur. He assured him that when it dried it didn’t smell too bad. Leaving the yard, Adam noticed a model of a pyramidal building made mostly of glass. It was the man’s dream to construct it. He had posed action figures in different rooms. Spiderman was sitting on a toilet.

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