Friday, December 14, 2007

Moving back on the boat

I'm too old to do this ever again. But it's weirdly good to be where everything more or less has a place and is usually in it. We now have:

A child. This is what Adam would look like if he were a little baby girl:

Bookshelves. Adam made these out of primavera with ipe accents. Nice.

A natural latex mattress--or what passes for a mattress after the sleeping bags from Wal-Mart in Astoria that we were using after I insisted that we remove the ancient foam that was there before.

"Walls" in our "bedroom." Very lovely work by Adam. Note book-matching on the perrota planks.

A new bathroom!

Diaper free and lovin' it.

Newly varnished spars, plus a freshly painted hull.

A leather sock on one of the anchor's feet.

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