Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Family Christmas in Casa de las Nueces, or S(tone)T(artaglia)D(upui)s in the Nuthouse

family tiesslide show
you looking at me?
who knows
nut house falls

On the hill above Cuastecomate, a mahogany tree with mysterious brown pods, spiders with neon backs splayed between the branches; calm and deliberate tarantulas in the underbrush, crushed by taxis on the road. A shack with a pig fattening in the yard, dogs barking, barbed wire and ripe avocados. Chickens stalk up and down the row of seafront restaurants, flapping to the top of the fence, baiting each other under the covered parking. A walk along an overgrown track ends with the gray bay framed by bougainvillea and empty plastic bottles.

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