Friday, February 27, 2009

after witnessing Cheli and Nick's wedding in the nearby town of Valle, we look at pictures and eat jumbo shrimp

(Aside: some thoughts upon returning from Cheli and Nick's wedding.
Driving with our new Italian friend Marisa [above, gray hair] is a death-defying pleasure. Gripping her beer between her knees, she shouts at another driver, “Puta madre! Tomalo en el culo, cretino!”

“‘Fuck you’ es normal,” she explains a moment later. “So I mix it up and say ‘Take it in the ass’.”

Anyway, Italian is fun. After eating the lasagne she has prepared one Saturday evening, we vow that we’ll make another Italian dinner soon. I suggest that we serve one of my favorites, pasta Caccio y pepe, which I guess I mispronounce, saying something like “Cazzo y pepe.” That would be penis with pepper.)

beach boogie

ready to roll

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