Thursday, April 9, 2009

When faced with this:

Adam frantically pages through his guide book, looking for suggestions:
Our good friends Justin and Sheila lent us the use of their boat while they're back in Canada so we work on SeaWolf and live on Iron Belle right next door!

This has to be the greatest carnival game ever--throw a rock, win a beer! Take some nice throwing rocks and some empty beer bottles and put a case of beer on ice. 10 pesos equals three rocks and every broken bottle wins you a beer. I had to take these pictures on the sly because some drunk contestants were arguing that they were owed another rock. The carny was jumping in front of the guy to keep him from throwing his bogus bonus rock, luckily he missed the bottles and the carny and stumbled away happy.

It was a bit of a saga getting SeaWolf painted and back in the water but she's now looking pretty sharp with a new tropical color scheme and a varnished transom. Nice.

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