Sunday, June 7, 2009

The other day, I had lunch with my grandmother. She told me:

I was only about four or five years old, and the boys were throwing bottles. My mama had told those boys never to throw bottles down there. And I was playing under the staircase and I cut myself. Look at that, Jess, the scar's just about gone. I guess I nearly cut my finger off. And my mama, she'd told them never to go up there with those bottles. I was just a little girl. About five, no about four years old. You see I was using a milk bottle as a doll, and I cut myself. About cut my finger off. I fell down, and the bottle broke. Well, it looks like the scar's finally just about gone.

And the scar is just about gone. It's been there for ninety years now, a long thin line across her index finger, and it's just about gone.


Armando said...

hi jessica! we finally found you! we send you the best

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Armando said...

hi Jessica, I only forgot to tell you that we are the Manzano's Family

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